We love chocolate! It makes us smile and feel sooo happy…


Chocolate Lovers BookChocolate quotes, sayings and scrumptious, chocolatey facts

We love it so much we created a book, devoted to the pleasures of chocolate, including chocolate quotes from famous people, humorous sayings and delicious chocolatey facts.

As dedicated chocolate lovers, we’ll share tips on creating healthy chocolate treats, plus yummy stuff we’ve discovered along the way.

We take a brief look at the history of chocolate, discover why it’s known as a super-food, what guises it can take and how to enjoy scrumptious, healthy chocolate treats every day.

Take a look inside and you’ll discover:

  • Why chocolate makes you feel soooo happy
  • How love and friendships can be swayed by chocolate
  • What lengths others go to, to create our chocolate dreams
  • Why real chocolate delivers the sensuous, melt-in-the-mouth moments we love
  • How to easily create amazing, chocolatey drinks
  • Healthy and yummy ways to get your daily chocolate fix
  • Luxurious, chocolatey beauty products, you can be pampered with
  • Additional steps to explore your chocolate passions, and indulge in fabulous, chocolate goodies

So… curl up with your favorite choccie treat, and let us inspire you. Delve into the reasons we find chocolate so satisfying, discover why we crave it so much, and to how create endless, exquisite chocolatey moments.

As Betty Crocker says – “above all – think chocolate”

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